About Us

Hello and welcome to our laptop bags site, we are confident you will find what you are looking for here if you don’t then let us know. We are very proud of the laptop bags that we have sourced to be of the most exceptional manufacturing standards, with quality designs to suit the needs of our various customers.

A Bit Of A Background

In the not too distant past, the only laptop bags available were variations on the standard briefcase. Not enough thought went into the needs of the consumer, what they needed for their laptop bags. Standard sizes for laptops went out the window as more and more modern tech designs hit the streets. Ipads, flip-top laptops, Chromebooks, and many more of every size and dimension you care to name. In our fast-moving world, they needed the right laptop bags to carry them.

What We Saw Was Needed In Laptop Bags

We saw a gap in the market; no-one was catering to the needs of several different consumer groups for appropriate laptop bags. People who wanted laptop bags that

  • Would not unbalance them when cycling.
  • Were waterproofed.
  • Professional and smart laptop bags that would suit different age-groups.
  • Trendy, fashionable laptop bags for younger users.
  • Lightweight laptop bags for journeys.
  • Laptop bags with USB chargers.
  • Backpacks and laptop bags that can be attached to prams, strollers or bikes.

What We Did – No More Generic Laptop Bags

To us, it seemed simple: we would open up the online world of laptop bags and create a site that would offer something for everyone, keeping them practical, fashionable and ultimately useful. Alongside quality manufacturers, we looked for suppliers who could think outside the box in terms of style and practicality.

Let Us Know What You Think About Our Laptop Bags

As said, we want to meet the needs of our customers when it comes to laptop bags, to do that we need your input and feedback. Please contact us and let us know what you think of our range and anything you feel is missing. 

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